Friday, August 22, 2014

Dilbert CAD Monkey Last Minute Completion To Avoid Changes

A: CAD Monkey, did you finish the design for tomorrow?
B: No.

B: I'm waiting until the last minute so you won't have time to ask for unnecessary changes.

A: I'm a step ahead of him - the design itself is unnecessary

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gejala Berita Rekaan dan Palsu

"10 jenis notarazi"!

Selama ini saya sangka saya seorang sahaja menggunakan nick "NotaRazi" dalam dunia ini. Hari ini, saya terkejut besar apabila terjumpa berita "10 jenis notarazi"!.

Cuba anda Google Search pula: 10 jenis notarazi


A: Your user requirements include four hundred features.
A: Do you realize that no human would be able to use a product with that level of complexity?
B: Good point. I would better add "Easy to use to the list".